Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mudthaw 2017

Mudthaw was yesterday and it was one of the best events I've been to in a long time.  It was my first time at this site, which was used last year.  The site is gorgeous, but the restriction is no fencing on the grass, so it was in the parking lot.
We got to the event a little later than I had anticipated.  I just made the tail end of the OGR meeting and to collect part of the tithe.  We got settled near the fencing list, and I had a nice warm up with my longsword against a nice lady from Silver Rylle.  I did a little more warm ups, but nothing too taxing.  During the Cut and Thrust tournament, Their Excellencies Settmour Swamp came over and asked if they could witness my taking a cadet. So with words exchanged and a scarf tied on, I now have one awesome cadet in Ellynor Redpath.  She also received a dress scarf made by my wife with a unicorn pin, my original cadet/TOAD scarf, and a tiny bling box with her arms burned into it.  The scarf I tied on her was made by Sir Antonio.
For the tournament of the day, my first round was Ogedai.  Go figure.  He took case, I took my dagger.  I was able to parry and strike a shot while he was throwing with his left hand.  I was his only loss in the tournament.  I lost to Kenrick, beat someone (can't recall his name), and lost to Develin.  Overall not the day I wanted, but I had fun.  I did some pickups with Llewellyn, and then some two on one against Aesa and Eanraig.  Fencing on asphalt hurts though.  I tweaked my back and even a day later, my ankle is still hurting.
We stayed through court enough to see Jonathan and Teresa ascend to the baronial seats of Settmour Swamp, but after that, the small child was done, so we left the event and headed home.  We went out for sushi with Jean Xavier and Gianetta and then showed up with them in tow for a little socializing at Antonio and Elizabeth's house.  Saying our goodbyes, we went back to our house to pass out.
I made breakfast this morning for everyone, various flavors of pancakes (blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon swirl, chocolate chip, and cinnamon swirl/chocolate chip). 
One really nice thing was seeing a lot of old and new friends. From Edmund, to Xavier and Taryn, to Straya and Rowen, it was as people said, a throw back event. Friends are what make the SCA.