Thursday, October 15, 2015

Buckler pictures

Pictures since someone asked

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Practice report -10/13/15

Last night, I decided to take my buckler to practice with me.  It was the first time I have used it in a very long time.  I had problems fencing a buckler fighter in the first round of the 16 at K&Q.  I figure the best way to learn how to defeat a weapon form is to study its use from the other side.

My buckler is a wavy buckler in the style of Marozzo.  I made it out of leather a few years ago.   It was the first leather tooling project I ever undertook.  After last night, I need to rework the handle on the buckler as it is way too tight to the back of the shield.

I fenced Garrick with it while he took cloak.  It was some interesting exchanges, and it forced me out of my comfort zone of staying linear.  It was a fun set of passes.  I took one that left a very interesting bruise from the chain shirt, up my arm from the bicep to shoulder.

I then did some passes with Ciaren, again working with buckler.  My left hand cramped up bad, from the handle being so tight.  I switched to dagger, but the hand was pretty much done for the night.  I did some passes with Jonathon, but the pain in my left  hand was intense. Not the practice I would have liked after this weekend, but I'll take it.

I need to figure  out a way to stand the handle a bit further off my buckler.   I'm thinking I'll but a wood block that will go between the handle and the back of the shield.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


So I had a pretty good day at K&Q.  I wish I could take back one fight. My only losses on the day were to Donovan and Thomas, who were both in the finals. Thomas hit me with a beautiful shot just inside the shoulder. I doubled with Donovan in the first pass. I had a great shot to his head but I let my defenses lapse and he wad cutting my belly. In the second pass he got me clean, and this I was out.

I finished top 6 or 8. Not really sure with double elimination brackets. The math is messy.

I was allowing some slop to get thru my defenses, and while it didn't kill me, it means I was not as clean in my defense as I would have liked. More things to work on. Need to also get in better shape, but that is a work in progress.

I was very glad to see some awesome people recognized for their hard work and their skill with a blade.

I am very tired and I have thoughts but I'm not awake enough at this point to write them coherently. We left Massachusetts at 6 this morning and just got finished with Bat Mitzvah.  Time for a nap.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Practice Report - 10/6

The weather was much better this week for practice.  I didn't feel sluggish due to heat or humidity.  This week I was working with a new blade.  I bought a blade from Castille Armory and wanted to break it in and see how it  moved, so I could make a determination if I would be using that blade or another one at K&Q this weekend.

My first fight was with Orlando, and we went out single.  I was not used to the change with the blade, so I was working on just figuring out the differences.  The balance point was a little further out than I was used to.  After the fight, I swapped out the pommel for one with a little more weight.

My next passes were with Garrick.  He is back to fencing with full contact.  I still want to be extra cautious with him though.  I had one shot that was aimed for his head.  I broke my wrist and changed the angle of the shot, going passe with the point, rather than hitting him in the mask.  It was one of those shots that I felt, had I landed it, the blade would not have bent, so I'd prefer not to hurt him (or anyone else) if I can prevent it.  That little bit of extra weight in the pommel helped out.  The balance point is about 1" in front of the guard now.

After Garrick, I picked a fight with Bethany.  I told her I wanted to work on my tournament game.  She was up for it and I brought my A game out with rapier and dagger.  After Bethany, I fought Ciaren.  Again, I was working my way up for this weekend.  Then is was some passes with Malcolm.  I wrapped it up a little early so we could get Evan home and in bed.

Overall, this is the least confident I have been in a long time heading into K&Q.  I'm not sure where my game is overall in comparison to years past.  The good thing is I 'm having fun, something I was not about a year ago.