Monday, October 8, 2018

Ortho follow up

Brace I ordered today
So i had my follow up visit with the orthopedist this afternoon.  It is neither a torn MCL (which is a slight tear, but nothing to worry about yet) or meniscus tear.  Instead, it is a really bad bone bruise.  Prognosis is good, its just going to take a while to heal.  I ordered a knee brace to give me some stability and hopefully its in before we leave for Disney World.

Figuring that I did the damage about 5 weeks ago, and the fact that I have not let it heal, since we didn't know what it was, he said I'm looking at another 4-6 weeks.  I was advised no running, jumping, squats, biking, etc and to limit my walking and activity, as any movement aggravates the bruise and since there is no place for the bruise to swell like muscle, it takes a LOT longer to heal.

Hopefully, this means I will be able to heal up, get in a few weeks of practice before K&Q Rapier in December.

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