Monday, October 15, 2018

Self Care

So last week was interesting. 

I turned 45 on Friday.  Some days I don't feel older than 30, and some days I wonder how I made it this long.  I got an awesome Boba Fett painting from Jennie, and Evan wrote me a story and illustrated a book (Jennie wrote out the words he dictated).  We went out for lunch at a local restaurat, which we had been to before.  It was beautiful weather and we sat next to the open windows.  That evening, Jennie made chicken and pasta with a prosciutto spinach cream sauce.  It was delicious.  She also had asked me what kind of cake I would like, so I asked for a strawberry shortcake.  She and Evan made it together.  He even helped decorate it.  My cadet, Malcolm, Charitye, and TJ came over to help celebrate and eat cake.  TJ brought over some macarons which were delicious.
I woked from home the majority of the week.  I miss working from home and find I am actually much more efficient and successful when I am working from home.  I was able to keep my leg elevated.  On Tuesday when I was actually in the office, I was almost in tears from the walk from the garage to the office (all of 1 block).

Wednesday, I sent a form for a temporary handicapped parking tag to my doctor.  It was completed and returned to me on Thursday, so I dropped it off at the police station along with a check. Friday, they had it ready, so I picked it up after lunch.

The knee brace i ordered came in on Friday.  It would have been a great birthday present for myself, but it didn't fit and actually hurt.  My legs are wider I guess than comparable sized legs due to development from hockey, skiing, and fencing.  The sides of the frame were pinching down on the sides of my legs, rathen than the support cross member sitting on my thigh.  I wore it for a few hours, but it was getting more and more uncomfortable.  I got a return authorization and will be shipping it back and ordering a new one in a larger size today. 

Saturday, we were supposed to go apple picking with a few people, but we cancelled due to the weather.  We headed north and had lunch at our old local diner in Warren.  It was nice to see all the familiar faces and be warmly greeted and catch up.   We used to eat there at least once a week while living with my folks.  We then went over to Jennie's cousin's house for a family get together.  After eating there, we headed to our favorte sushi place to meet up with my parents to celebrate my birthday.  It was a lot of food. 

Sunday was somewhat of a lazy day, but looking back we did a bunch of things that needed doing.  We hit the hardware store for supplies for Evan's Halloween costume.  We hit Staples as I needed toner for my printer.  We hit Kohl's Off-Aisle, looking for a lunch bag for me. Then we took Evan to the local farm so he could get our some energy.  We took the hay-ride to the pumpkin patch and got a "HUGEST" pumpkin according to Evan.  We were tired, so I ordered a pizza for dinner.  After that, it was early to bed. 

Today, I am in the office.  Of course the meeting that I came in to attend in person was cancelled. 

We are heading to Disney World in a few weeks with my parents, so this morning, I reserved an electric scooter.  I'm stubborn and not happy that I won't be walking around, but I do realize that it won't be a good vacation for anyone if I'm in pain just getting out of the car.

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